Downton abbey season 2 episode 7

July 8, 2019
downton abbey season 2 episode 7

With hugh bonneville, jessica brown findlay, laura carmichael, jim carter. Ethel confronts her babys grandparents, bates thinks he might have played a role in his wifes death, branson and sybil elope, and carlyle tries to recruit anna to spy on mary.

Season 2 episode 7 1h 33m 46s in the season finale of downton abbey 2, the family gathers at downton abbey for christmas.

It is now early 1919, and with the war over, the residents of downton abbey slowly start to get their lives back in order.

The real estate that plays downton abbey, highclere castle, has been the home of the carnarvon family since 1679. In 1922, george herbert, the 5th earl of carnarvon, co-discovered the tomb of the egyptian pharaoh tutankhamun. On the show, the names of the earl of granthams beloved dogs, isis and pharaoh, are nods to the real castles connection to egyptian history.

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  mary and matthew from downton abbey - music video for episode 7, series 2. Part of my weekly challenge to make a marymatthew video for every episode this series.