How to use warp tool in photoshop cs3

July 8, 2019
how to use warp tool in photoshop cs3

The warp tool is one of the most powerful options available in photoshop ccs transform options. Use the preset warp options to twist, squeeze or inflate an object, or use the custom option to contort it into any shape you want.

In photoshop, the puppet warp tool is a quick, freehand way of manipulating an image related to the warp tool. To use it, follow these steps create a layer with the image you want to warp.

Adobes photoshop has an arsenal of tools, filter and effects, like the warp tool, and mastering them makes for successful digital art. Learn how to work the warp tool in this free photoshop tutorial video series.

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So if you have a layer mask on your object, then you can do this puppet warp in the same way. There youll find, when you bring this up, the default settings are mode, normal density, normal and expansion, 2 pixels. Now, if youll leave it on the default settings, you will encounter some problems.

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Adobe photoshop creative suite 3, or cs3, is the industry-standard application for digital photo manipulation. It is ideal for professional photographers, serious amateur photographers, and graphic designers. Having the software, however, isnt enough youll need to know how to use it. In this cs3 tutorial, youll learn how to use the puppet tool in adobe photoshop cs3.